Arnold Marcella
Chef de Cuisine
The Elm

Cured Foie

1. Devein foie and pass through tammis
2. Spread foie on parchment paper, mix the salts and pepper together then sprinkle over foie
3. Mix the foie to evenly distribute the cure mix.
4. Vacuum in bags and allow to cure overnight.
5. Cook foie in circulator at 55C for 15-20 minutes until melted all the way through.
6. Transfer to a bowl over ice and blend with hand blender to emulsify. Continue to whisk over ice until cool but still pliable
7. Pipe into desired molds and let sit overnight.


1000 grams Foie lobes, deveined and passed
10 grams Fleur de sel
2 grams Pink salt
2 grams Black pepper, ground

Mushroom Gel

1. Bring water to 85C. Add mushrooms and shoyu koji, and allow to steep for 30 minutes before cooling (do not remove mushrooms)
2. Allow to cool overnight.
3. Strain out mushroom and redice by half.
4. Add the remaining ingredients, adjust seasoning and cool before setting.


800 grams Button Mushroom
700 grams Black Trumpet
12 grams Dried Shiitake
4500 grams Spring Water
3 grams Black Cocoa Powder
35 grams Shaoxing Wine
20 grams Shiro Dashi 40 grams Mushroom Soy
1 can Truffle Juice
84 grams Gelatin (3.5%)
20 grams Shoyu Koji

Celeriac Sake Créme

1. Peel and cut celeraic into large chunks and boil in lightly salted water until tender. Strain in place into a blender.
2. Blend while hot, adding the cocoa butter, white chocolate, and sake.
3. Strain and cool before seasoning with shiro dashi and salt.


1400 grams Celeraic, cooked in salted water
420 grams Sake
25 grams Valrhona, Ivory
25 grams Cocoa Butter
10 grams Shiro Dashi
16 grams Salt

Green Apple Fluid Gel

1. Warm the apple juice and sheer in gellan.
2. Bring mixture to a simmer, strain and set to a gel.
3. In a blender, puree the apple puree, malic acid, and gel until smooth.
4. Strain and reserve for service.


150 grams Granny Smith Apples Puree
500 grams Granny Smith Apple Juice
3 grams Malic
6.5 grams Gellan F

Green Apple Sake

1. Peel the apples, and cut in half.
2. Compress the halves with sake in a Cryovac machine.
3. Cut into wedges for service.


0.25 grams Granny Smith Apples
25 grams Sake

Pickled Mushroom

1. Combine ingredients and compress in Cryovac machine.


75 grams Brown Rice Vinegar
25 grams Water
5 grams Shoyu Koji
40 grams Japanese Rice Vinegar
100 grams Honshimeji Mushrooms

Shoyu Koji


20 grams Dried Koji Rice 1100 grams Soy Sauce

Long Pepper Brioche


1000 grams King Arthur Special Flour
86 grams Sugar, granulated
22 grams Yeast, fresh
20 grams Milk Powder
27 grams Salt, kosher
360 grams Whole Milk
374 grams Eggs, whole
306 grams Butter, unsalted
20 grams Long Pepper, ground

Additional Garnish


11.5 grams Button Mushroom Rounds 8 grams Black Trumpet Crisp 1 gram Special Pepper 1 gram Maldon Sea Salt 1 piece Red Frills Mustard 1 piece Red Watercress 1 gram Juniper Oil