Executive Chef
Café Boulud

Surf Clam Ceviche

1. Clean surf clams raw and rince in salt water for 10 minutes to purge sand.
2. Combine sake, shoyu, mirin, ginger and shiso and chill on ice.
3. In boiling water blanch clams for 10 seconds each, then cool down in liquid until completely cold.
4. Slice clams very thin and continue to reserve in liquid for 30 minutes, then season with salt and more shoyu, if needed.


10 pieces Surf Clam
110 grams Yuzu Juice
150 grams Sake
50 grams Shiro Shoyu (White Soy)
90 grams Mirin
40 grams Ginger, smashed
2 bunches Shiso, julienne

Apricot Miso Purée

1. Combine all ingredients (except miso and 200 grams of water) and simmer until apricots are completely tender.
2. Combine in blender with miso and blend with the remaining water until smooth.
3. Pass through chinoise, chill and reserve.


650 grams Dried Apricot, sliced thin
200 grams Sake
80 grams Mirin
330 grams Miso
30 grams Shiro Shoyu (White Soy)
1000 grams Water

Shisito Puree

1. Sweat scallions in olive oil until tender, add shishito peppers and roasted and peeled poblano peppers then sweat until tender.
2. Combine in blender and puree until smooth.
3. Add additional olive oil, if necessary, then pass through chinoise, chill and reserve.


20 grams Olive Oil
200 grams Scallion
200 grams Shishito Peppers
300 grams Poblano Peppers, peeled and deseeded
Olive Oil, and salt as needed

Pickled Enoki Mushrooms

1. Bring liquid to a boil and pour over enoki mushrooms, cool and reserve.


2 packages Enoki Mushrooms, cleaned
100 grams Yuzu Juice
50 grams Rice Wine Vinegar
50 grams Mirin

Fried Ginger

1. Blanch ginger in 300 grams of water two times, the third time make simple syrup by combining 300 grams of water and 300 grams of sugar.
2. Blanch ginger in this solution and dry.
3. Fry blanched ginger at 300 degrees until crispy, reserve.


200 grams Ginger, julienne
300 grams Water
300 grams Sugar

Additional Garnish

1. Place surf clam on the plate with puree to hold it up.
2. Shishito puree on the bottom of the clam shell.
3. Mix surf clam ceviche with shiso, enoki mushrooms and ceviche liquid, then place on top of puree.
4. With a squeeze bottle, give five dots of apricot miso puree on the mound of puree.
5. Make a salad of shishito and scallions and place on top of ceviche, top everything with fried ginger.


Shishito Peppers, julienne
Shiso, julienne
Scallion, julienne
Surf Clam Shells, soaked in salt water overnight, then sanded with sand paper