The Keys to U.S. Market Development

To increase your sales in the U.S. market, having a strategic plan that includes well-defined market research, marketing, branding, and promotion goals attuned to the American culture is critical. Azix’s specialists with proven track records of successfully marketing Japanese products in the U.S. can also help guide your company through this new market.

Azix is prepared to help you in all aspects strategy development, from the initial market research to PR efforts to customer base growth. Our packaged services are customized for each client to meet unique needs. These services include SP tool creation assistance and construction of mid- to long-range approaches. Please contact our sales representative for more details about our services.

Market Research
Information collection and survey of current trends in the U.S. food industry. Analysis of data and interviews with local chefs on site.
Communication Planning, Package Design, Creative
We offer comprehensive support with attention to detail from planning to implementation. Our services extend to package design, creative branding, PR/media strategy, brochures, copywriting, graphic design, web development, and customized PR events.